High Five! Credit: Iliana PereaInternet high five for taking the time to look through my photos!

In these busy times, photographs invite us to sit, reflect, and remember moments in time.  Aside from just enjoying the whole photographic process, I love that through the photos I make, I can take a viewer on my journeys and hopefully impart the same emotions that I experienced at that time.  My passion for photography is rooted in the fact that it gives me the opportunity to preserve and re-experience these unrepeatable moments. I also enjoy giving back to the community and I love that I can volunteer my time doing something I love while also educating and capturing moments for causes that I support.

I’m Chicago-based and I love experiencing new things, broadening my horizons, and traveling as much as I can. Contact me because we could work on something great together! In the meantime, enjoy viewing my site and I’ll do my best to make more awesome photos.

This is the world through my lens…

– mike –

Photo credit: Iliana Perea